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Hitoshi Ariga

iscn: IT5C4BDA1A0A6

Hitoshi Ariga

Descrizione: Hitoshi Ariga (Japanese: 有賀 ヒトシ), born August 23, 1972, is a professional artist who primarily illustrates manga and picture books, and has assumed the position of graphic designer for several Japanese titles in the game industry. He first began providing illustrations for the Pokémon Trading Card Game in 2011, though has been a fan of the franchise for many years. His main passion, however, lies with the Mega Man franchise, known as Rockman in Japan, where he has illustrated numerous manga and artwork for affiliated products since the mid 90’s. He likes to engage the community when he has the opportunity, appearing at exhibitions, and maintaining an online presence across several sites.

Numero di Albi: 6

Genere: Maschio

Data di Nascita: 23-08-1972

Data di Morte: In vita

Stato di Origine: Giappone

Attività: -

Editori con Contratto: -

Stato di prima pubblicazione: -

Scuole: -

Mercati: -

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